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Electrician Queens
3 vans $1824
Wholesale food Queens
7 trucks $27,000
Alarm install Westchester
2 vans $850
Franchise Distributer Manhattan
3 step vans $2475
Plumber Brooklyn
1 suv 2 vans 3785
Locksmith Rockland
1 pick up $375
ATTENTION CONTRACTORS !  Paying too much for commercial auto insurance?
Contractors can save money with our specialty trade service rates. Available for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, masonry, tile, plastering, drywall, carpentry, flooring, roofing, sheetmetal, painting, paperhanging, glass & glazing, telcom, OR most businesses in service/instalation/repair. Spend less time worrying about your commercial auto insurance and more time running your business.
Are you a Franchise distributor?
There are currently over 600 franchises that are eligible for our franchise distributor insurance program. Enjoy favorable underwriting and discounts available only to franchise distributors. We can put together a package that includes insurance for electronic data collectors/invoicing/inventory devices. In addition we can provide insurance for displays and racks you set up in businesses that you serve.
Important Optional Insurance Coverages
Loading and unloading
Typically provides liability protection for damages resulting from the handling of property during the loading onto or unloading from covered vehicles.
Non-owned auto
Typically provides liability coverage for vehicles you do not own when they are used by others in your business.
Hired auto
Typically provides liability coverage for those vehicles you lease, hire, rent or borrow for business use.
Additional insured
Typically provides liability protection for other entities you may work for or lease vehicles from.
Audio visual and data electronic equipment
Typically provides coverage for permanently installed communications equipment
Rental reimbursement
Typically provides reimbursement for the cost of leasing a replacement vehicle if your vehicle is being repaired as a result of a covered loss.
Drive other car
Typically provides coverage to the insured and specified individuals in your business for vehicles rented, hired or borrowed by those individuals.
Towing and labor costs
Typically provides coverage for necessary towing charges, up to the dollar amount shown on your commercial auto policy, should your commercial private passenger vehicle become disabled.
Standard New York State Insurance Coverages
Commercial auto liability
Typically provides protection for amounts you are legally obligated to pay to others for injuries or damage to property from a covered accident.
Medical Payments
Typically provides payment for the reasonable and necessary medical treatments you or your employees incur as a result of a covered accident
Uninsured motorist
Provides protection if you or your employees are injured in a covered accident caused by a negligent uninsured driver.
Typically pays for damage caused to your commercial vehicle resulting from a covered accident with another car, or a covered collision with most anything else (such as a tree). Repair or replacement of vehicle (up to actual cash value) for damage caused by collision
Typically pays for damage to your commercial vehicles for covered losses not caused by collision. Including damage caused by wind, hail, earthquake, glass breakage, flood, fire, explosion, theft, and vandalism.
PIP personal injury protection
Provides coverage for injury, death, loss of services, and loss of income suffered by you, your covered passenengers/employees.
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